Pitlochry and it’s TWO distilleries

Pitlochry is a place we’ve already visited a few times. The reasons are:

  • It is on train from Edinburgh, journey takes less then two hours and there is an exception on buying off peak tickets even for morning train (~20£). This makes it affordable without need of advanced planning. And its worth it, so a perfect day trip.
  • You can visit not one, but TWO distilleries – Blair Athol and Edradour.
  • Moreover, you can choose from a range of shorter and longer hikes and since Pitlochry is a southern gateway into Cairngorms, views are magnificent.

Nobrainer for us then and we really recommend the place.


Pitlochry is actually the easiest place where you can get to the distilleries from Edinburgh without a car. Although Glenkinchie is much closer, there is no train nor bus connection. Plus, there are more things to do in Pitlochry, like visiting two distilleries in a row :). And, you can get to one of them for free.


Blair Athol distillery is situated on the outskirts of the town, comfortable 10-15 min walk from the station. It is not a huge distillerie and it mostly produces whisky for blending. And its trademark home of the Bell’s blended whisky. Bell’s is the most sold blended scotch in UK. But they produce single malts too and you can taste a wee drum during the Blair Athol distillery tour. And because Blair Athol is part of the international Diageo group you can become a member of the Friends of malts and visit for free. Not only Blair Athol but another 11 of Diageo’s distilleries. Just register at malts.com, print your distillery pass and bring it with you on the whisky discovery trip. You can exchange it for a distillery passport in the first distillery you visit.


Edradour distillery is further away. It takes about 30 minutes walking to get there from Blair Athol or 40 minutes from the train station. Edradour is the smallest (legal :) ) Scottish distillery and it is really a picturesque little place. Within a tour you will get two drums of whisky and a complimentary nosing glass. Well worth the price and the tour is great too.





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