Pitlochry and trek to Ben Vrackie

Beside its two distilleries, Pitlochry has many other things to offer. This time we decided to explore it’s nature and we made a hike to the highest point around – Ben Vrackie.


A nice few hours long hike with plentiful rewards. We were treated to amazing colours of heather, stunning views, sunshine, passing showers and a chilly breeze at the top.


Pitlochry is a place we’ve already visited a few times. The reasons are:

  • It is on train from Edinburgh, journey takes less than two hours and there is an exception on buying off peak tickets even for morning train (~20£). This makes it affordable without need of advanced planning. And its worth it, so a perfect day trip.
  • You can visit not one, but TWO distilleries – Blair Athol and Edradour.
  • Moreover, you can choose from a range of shorter and longer hikes and since Pitlochry is a southern gateway into Cairngorms, views are magnificent.












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