Cramond Island

Welcome and join us on our trip to Cramond Island..


Cramond Island is a very special place. The island is accessible only by the tidal causeway, only during a low tide. If you don’t manage to get back by the time the tide comes in, you can get stranded there.



When you become stranded, you have to either wait until the next low tide or call the guards.


How to get there

Cramond village, starting point to the island is easily accessible from Edinburgh by public transport – bus #41.

The path is about 1.5 km long so it takes about 20 minutes to get there.


When to go

The way to the island is revealed during the low tide. Then you can safely get to the island but you have to be aware of the time and get back before the high tide comes.

You can check the tide situation on several websites, e.g or

Safe crossing is 2 hours either side of LOW water.

Or use free Text for Tides service – text CRAMOND to 81400 to get the latest safe crossing times.

The number for the Forth Coastguard is 01333 450666, where you can also check current situation.



While it the area visit also a lovely Lauriston Castle and Lauriston Castle Gardens just a mile from Cramond village. Get there by walk (15 mins) or use the regular bus service.





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