Edinburgh Gin Distillery

Although Scottish winter wasn’t as bad and gloomy as we expected, this time of the year is especially fitting for short city walks which end in a cosy bar or cafe.

Edinburgh has had amazing Christmas markets and many events were happening at this time of the year so there is no space for boredom or depression really.

One of the events we enjoyed very much is ‘24 Doors of Advent‘. Edinburgh reveals 24 of it’s secret places during this festive period. You’re able to visit places that aren’t usually open for public and offered special free guided tours.

One of the places we visited was Edinburgh Gin Distillery www.edinburghgindistillery.co.uk


It’s a brand new distillery & bar located just in the centre of the city – at West End.

During the special guided tour we were shown how their gin is being produced. It was also very delicious and just the right drink that keeps you warm in winter. However the story of gin can’t be compared to the whisky making. The interior of the bar was stunning with a live view of the stills. Fancy a proper gin&tonic? Then treat yourself with the one from Edinburgh Gin Distillery.

Gin Collage IMAG4904 IMAG4909


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