Golfing & beer tasting in St Andrews

As we and most of our visitors already know the main St Andrews attractions, we decided to skip traditional tourist sights and taste St Andrews differently.

Our first stop was newly opened small craft brewery and gin distillery called Eden Mill (in Guardbridge). At the moment they are making several types of beer and distil several gins. However, once they grow older they have an ambition to become a whisky distillery, of course :).

The idea to start whisky making in St Andrews began when one of the future founders hurt his leg during golf holidays there. When he suddenly had nothing to do he realised that there is no distillery nearby.

During the tasting tour we had a chance to test 6 types of beer, some of them quite impressive. There is also an option to pair beer and gin tasting. The tour was very professional, yet friendly. We’ve got to know all about beer making process and the story behind the brand. The production and team is very small, many things are being done by hand and we could see how a young team member was hand-labelling bottles which was quite nice.

And since they are already putting some new make spirit (very nice indeed) into barrels, watch out for the St Andrews whisky in about three years time.


After the beer tasting we went to the golf courses where you have a chance to play golf just next to the Old Golf Course. There is a small training field, the Himalayas, where you can try putting on small 9 hole course for an amazing price of 1 GBP per person! (or 18 holes for 4 GBP). It is so much fun, totally recommending.




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