On the way to the Isle of Skye (1/4)

Our expedition to the Isle of Skye started our unexpected and fabulous Scottish islands exploration series.
On this adventurous journey under the codename ‘Skyefall’ we had picked another 4 experienced travellers to enjoy it with us.

Isle of Skye is the largest Scottish island located on the west side of the country. FYI, there is altogether about 790 Scottish islands but just 94 of them are permanently inhabited.


(Source: Wikipedia)

Skye is quite easily accessible since it has the Skye Bridge connecting it to the mainland. However, you will still need a ferry service to reach out to some of the smaller islands nearby such as Isle of Rum, Raasay and some more.

Skye_map (1)

You can get to Skye after about 4 hours drive from Glasgow and it’s going to take you bit longer from Edinburgh.


On the way

We chose to take a train to Inverness and only drive from there, which left us with two hours long drive on a pretty good roads. Passing through the country, there are two must-see places:

  • Loch Ness with the Urquhart castle

DSC02129 DSC02139

  • Eilean Donan castle

DSC03728 DSC03729


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