Isle of Skye – Hiking the Cuillin Hills (3/4)

Cuillin Hills are the highest mountain range on the Isle of Skye located in the central part of the island.

These wonderful wild rocky hills inspired us to visit the Isle of Skye, right after we saw the very famous video of Danny Macaskill – The ridge.


Cuillin hills are quite prominent and you have a good view of them from nearly anywhere on Skye. Although we knew it’s going to be a tough day on rough and crumbling grey rocks, we couldn’t skip an opportunity to climb such an important landmark.


Here we are starting the hike on a beautiful sunny morning. DSC03899


Views were amazing.



On the top



After a tough day we deserved a wellness treat. And thus we went to visit the Fairy Pools, beautiful cascades with water running through magnificent holes, pools and waterfalls creating rock formations with interesting colours and shapes. And of course, we took a nice refreshing bath there :)


None shall pass – an invincible ewe that blocked our evening drive :)



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