Isle of Skye – Talisker, Talisker bay & the Neist point (4/4)

A trip to the Isle of Skye wouldn’t be complete (okay okay everyone knows it was actually the reason) without visiting one of our favourite single malt whiskey distilleries – Talisker.

What we love about the Talisker is it’s distinct flavour, it’s lightly peaty and a bit salty nose and succulently smoky and sweet taste in the same drum. It’s just an incredibly tasty and well-rounded combination representing the best of the Scotch whisky experience.


But no good whisky tasting would be complete without an excellent meal afterwards. Fortunately, just a few minutes walk from the Talisker distillery is a perfect place with the fresh local seafood goodies – so make sure you don’t miss the family owned local farm/shop ‘The oyster shed‘.


And after we sampled the exquisite local produce we went to challenge the windy reality of the Talisker Bay – a storm beach with large boulders, huge waves and an impressive waterfall which waters were being blown upwards :).
While sitting on the beach we have noticed something in the water. We first thought it’s a piece of wood or maybe a seal when suddenly realising it’s a person swimming there – actually a sweet blonde teenage girl :). You need to be tough to live on the Isle of Skye, they say ;) #toughgirls


To avoid the incoming shower clouds we headed north-west to see the iconic Neist Point lighthouse.

DSC03966x DSC03979x


And in the evening we collected our rewards after the active day in several local hospitality spots :)


So true..





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