Hawaii – when and why to visit (1/3)

Hawaii – the place we often hear about, usually refereed to as a dream, exotic destination, or a top spot for relaxation at a gorgeous beach surrounded by palm trees. I’ve (Y) had a clear visual picture of it in my mind since I was a child, although I could hardly pinpoint it on the map.
Well, it’s far. It’s far from everywhere and definitely from Europe.

svet hi2

Why to visit

  • surfing – mellow shores, warm water, good waves of all sizes, and many surfing schools so even beginners can enjoy. You can also have fun in water on a paddle board or a body board which are much easier to manipulate.
  • beaches – ranging from sweeping Waikiki beach surrounded by skyscrapers to little coves with green sand. But just for them it might not be worth to travel all the way from the other side of the world.
  • volcanoes – these are certainly worth travelling from the other side of the world. Absolutely unique landscapes, active but not life-threatening volcanoes, amazing national parks, basically -geology happening in front of your eyes
  • nature – tropical and wild jungles without nasty or dangerous animals, rugged shores with pounding waves, abundance of ocean life literary at your fingertips

Hawaii Collage

When to visit

  • the season is all year round, the most expensive time being summer holidays and Christmas/New year.

How many days

  • It’s worth spending there all your holiday time, but at least a week travelling from US and Japan or two if you come from afar. It also depends on how many islands you want to visit. Hawaii is at it’s best when enjoyed at a leisurely pace so you will appreciate up to a week spent at each major island.


Don’t miss (from what we’ve experienced)

  • Big Island – Volcano National Park with Kilauea volcano,
    – Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes
  • Oahu – Waikiki (in our opinion 2 or 3 days are enough if you are not only into a city beach life), Pearl Harbour

and many more things :) for which we didn’t have time but you can find them in all good guide books

Travelling between islands

  • local flights (Hawaiian airlines mostly), around 100 USD one way, best to book well in advance during busy seasons


  • It’s not crowded. We expected Waikiki to be much more crowded and thus far less enjoyable but it was okay even in summer
  • Fascinating American-Japanese fusion cuisine
  • Food in shops is quite expensive and the quality is low (for perhaps spoiled Europeans)

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