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  1. Hello!!! My name is Yang Tae-Seok from South Korea. I’m a reporter of a magazine ‘Local Gorvernment’ that interested in Local education, Local politics, etc. I would like to ask, weather I use your image(singapore) in the homepage for the magazine self-Gorvernment with Best Regard.Thank you!

    • Hello Yang Tae-Seok,

      thak you for contacting me, I’m pleased to aprove you to use my picture. I can also send you foto with bigger resolution, just let me know which one exactly. It would be great if you could send me than link or scan of that magazine (if possible) so I can see the result of your work.

      We’re also planning to visit South Korea in future, so it would be great if you could recommend us some good web guides or web pages (I checked official one visitkorea.or.kr) about what to visit in South Korea, not only tourist attractivities but also what locals like. Or even stay in touch :)

      Best regards

      Jaroslava Jutková

      • Thank you very much!!!Jaroslava Jutková
        Our home page is http://www.nlnc.co.kr
        (But this home page is only korean)
        and My e-mail is ‘sun@mypola.com’

        My request is picture with penalty of singapore.
        and singapore’ scene.
        I think that Singapore is penalty’s nation.
        So I reported singapore.

        Specific matters
        The capacity of picture must more than 1MB,
        If less than 1MB used, the picture spoiled and braked.
        So, please give me a more than 1MB picture.

        And I want your good friend.
        and I can your guide in korea tour too.
        and I want contact by phone
        My phone number is +)82-10-4655-4047

        Thank you for your assistance.

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