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Berlin in Facts

Berlin is the capital of Germany and with population of 3.4 million people it is the largest Germany’s city. Recent history of Berlin was shaped by city’s division after the World War II. The East Berlinbecame the capital of the communist East Germany (DDR) and the West Berlin remained an ex-clave of the West Germany surrounded by the Berlin Wall since 1961. After the fall of the Wall in 1989 and reunification of Germany in 1990 Berlin became again the German capital.

The demolition of the Berlin Wall left the city with deep scars but also with plenty of space for infrastructure and development. The former ‘death strip’ is now a place where you can find brand new office parks, the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof or government buildings.

Berlin today is the city of diverse culture, contemporary art and vivid nightlife. Numerous pubs  and restaurants, clubs and discos dot the streets of wider downtown, and cultural and music festivals take place here all year round. Berlin is home to a hundred fifty museums and more than four hundred art galleries with a number of them situated at the UNESCO World Heritage site the Museum Island. A number of city parks, botanical and two zoological gardens offer a pleasant piece of nature especially during warm spring and summer months.

Although it is the capital, Berlin is not the most expensive city in Germany. It offers a plenty of affordable accommodation ranging from world-class hotels to a wide range of hostels, B&Bs and private apartments.  The choice of restaurants is incredible, and the price of main dishes is persistently under 10 € and all that is crowned by a great German beer with a price tag about 3-4€ (0.5l).

Berlin devided:

Location of the Berlin Wall dividing centre of the city


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